Panhellenic Life


Joining Greek life will expand your circle of friendships. You will have the opportunity to meet new and brilliant women within your chapter and with other chapters as well. Not only will this give you the opportunity to make life-long friendships, but this will also expose you to networking opportunities. Being apart of a sorority does not necessarily mean that these friendships or networking opportunities will end during your collegiate years. These benefits will extend even after you become an alumnae.


In addition to striving for academic achievement, Panhellenic sororities encourage members to take on an active role in their chapters through a variety of leadership opportunities. Leadership development is a unique part of sorority life that provides essential experiences for growth as a professional woman. Being a member of the Greek community is a privilege that provides many opportunities for leadership within individual chapters, on campus and in the UCI community.


The Panhellenic Association sponsors numerous events throughout the year to ensure that scholarship is always a top priority. We support and recognize women for their ability to excel in academics through educational seminars, workshops, and scholarships. Furthermore, we work with honor societies, such as Order of Omega, to provide resources and to recognize Greeks for their outstanding ability to participate in extracurricular activities on campus and in the community. With the constant support of sisters and a strong value of scholarship, the Panhellenic Association helps women not only envision goals, but to achieve them successfully.


As a Panhellenic community, we strive to work together to create a cohesive, philanthropic community. Each sorority has its own national philanthropy and participates on both a local and national level through volunteering, projects, and fundraising. Collectively, we have contributed thousands of hours and raised thousands of dollars to benefit over 10 different causes. In addition to these efforts, the UC Irvine Greek community comes together as a whole to raise money with such productions such as Greek Songfest, which in the past has been a proud supporter of such causes as the Orange County Food Bank as well as Habitat for Humanity.

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