Executive Board

Yailin Cervantes Rios


Major: Psychology and Education Sciences Major

Year: Third

Other Involvements: ASUCI, Learning Assistant, Summer Multicultural Leadership Institute, Girls Inc. Facilitator, previous Recruitment Counselor 

Fun Fact: Yailin once spent 3 hours with Katy Perry during her junior year of high school!

Callan Garber

Executive Vice President

Majors: History / Gender and Sexuality studies

Year: Third

Other Involvements: Campuswide Honors Collegium 

Fun Fact: Callan has a pet cat named Eliot after the author TS Eliot!

Andrea Valentini

Vice President Of Communications

Majors: Business Economics / Dance

Minors: Anthropology / Digital Arts

Year: Second

Other Involvements: Bare Bones Dance Theater, CONNECT@UCI mentor, SPOP staffer 2019 and 2020, Assistant Instructional Provider at Segerstrom High School 

Fun Fact: Andrea met Adam Sandler at a crepe shop in LA when she was 15!

Riley Goldstein

Vice President of Recruitment 

Majors: Psychological Sciences / Education

Year: Third

Other Involvements: Research Assistant at the Baby Books 2 Lab 

Fun Fact: Riley has 7 other Panhellenic women in her family!

Alyssa Koba

Director OF Recruitment Counselors

Majors: Human Biology / Public Health Policy

Year: Third

Other Involvements: Japanese American Citizen's League, SPOP 2018, ASUCI SFL Liaison, ASUCI Student Health and Wellness intern, Public Health Association, Tomo No Kai, Campus Recreation Staff 

Fun Fact: Aly studied physics abroad in England before her 3rd year and travelled to 5 other countries!

Madeleine Gam

Vice President of Scholarship

Majors: International Studies / Political Science

Minor: Art History

Year: Third

Other Involvements: Drummer for Anteater Band, UROP researcher

Fun Fact: Madeleine has played the piano for 17 years!

Malia Darby

Vice President of Risk Management

Major: Criminology, Law, and Society

Minor: Psychological Sciences

Year: Second

Other Involvements: Intern recruiter from the School of Social Ecology for CORE Athletic Training

Fun Fact: Malia has played softball in 7 different states!

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Georgia Dubow

Vice President of Programming 

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Psychology

Year: Second

Other Involvements: Global Medical Brigades

Fun Fact: Georgia has been scuba diving since she was 13!

Holly Ceseña

Vice President of Finance

Major: Education Sciences

Minor: Psychological Sciences

Specializations: English Language Learning / Children's Learning and Development

Year: Third

Other Involvements: CARE VIP program, Administrative Internship Program, SPOP 2019, SAGE Scholars Special Programs intern, Global Medical Brigades

Fun Fact: Holly can speak 3 different languages!

Janelle Young

Assistant Communications

Majors: Literary Journalism / International Studies

Year: Third

Other Involvements: Community Assistant for Vista Del Campo Norte, PowerCrunch, Campuswide Honors Collegium, AntLeader Mentorship Program

Fun Fact: Janelle can recite the ABC's backwards!

Danielle Dawson

Assistant Recruitment

Majors: Literary Journalism / Dance

Minor: Political Science

Year: Third

Other Involvements: City News Staff Writer for New University, UCDC internship program

Fun Fact: Danielle is a walking biography of Ruth Bader Ginsberg!

Laney Tinder

Assistant Programming

Major: Psychological Sciences

Year: Second

Other Involvements: On-campus researcher for stress analysis

Fun Fact: Laney has never broken a bone!

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