Junior Panhellenic


The Panhellenic Delegates act as a liason between their individual sororities and the Panhellenic Executive Council. By attending weekly meetings, serving on committees and volunteering to step in where needed, these women help direct their sororities toward working together as a community. Delegates are also a resource for ideas, questions, and problem solving. As the liaison between the individual chapters and Executive Council, Panhellenic Delegates are the most important chapter members to the UC Irvine Panhellenic Association! 

Judicial Board

The Judicial Board handles violation(s) not settled informally or through mediation, and then resolves the issue through a hearing, which ensures compliance with the Standing Rules & Bylaws, NPC unanimous agreements, Code of Ethics, and membership recruitment regulations of the UCI Panhellenic Association. J-Board members are qualified to educate fraternities about the Panhellenic judicial procedure after they undergo training, which educates them about the rules and regulations, the rights of the charged organizations, evaluating evidence, and deliberations and sanctioning.

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