Sister Sorority

Mission Statement

"The purpose of the Sister Sorority Program is to encourage Panhellenic unity to foster inter-sorority friendships. While we each belong to different chapters, we all belong to one Panhellenic family. Each quarter our 9 NPC and Panhellenic associated chapters are paired up through this program to attend Panhellenic events together, plan sister-sorority bonding activities, and support each other in Panhellenic sports, philanthropies, and other events in the UCI community. Sister sororities are able to receive points by promoting their sister-sorority events on Facebook and Instagram, all while developing inter-sorority relationships that last beyond our college years. The pairing with the most points at the end of the quarter wins a photoshoot for both chapters! The mission of this program is to eliminate the perceived rigid lines between individual sororities and encourage unity within the PHA community, as well as the Sorority and Fraternity Life and UCI community. Even with the current climate of the pandemic, our chapters have still made sure to stay connected and continue to participate in the Sister Sorority Program."

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