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Dear Recruitment Counselor Applicant, 


Thank you for your interest in the UCI Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor program! Recruitment Counselors serve a vital role prior to and during formal recruitment and are an integral part of a successful program. They provide support, friendship, and personal guidance to potential new members going through the formal recruitment process, while promoting the growth and improvement of the entire Greek community.


Recruitment Counselors are selected for their enthusiasm and ability to relate well with others, their consistent positive attitude, their knowledge of the Greek community, and their potential to help women have a positive recruitment experience. They must be dependable, responsible, impartial, and discreet in order to be effective. The Director of Greek Life and members of the Panhellenic Recruitment Team will extensively train the Recruitment Counselors so that they will be fully equipped to answer questions about Greek life. Recruitment Counselors must not have any contact with their chapters during Fall Recruitment, and will be considered unaffiliated during this time. While Recruitment Counselors will be involved in many fun activities, their primary purpose is to help potential new members to understand the recruitment process and to have a great and positive experience!


All applicants must be active and initiated members of a Panhellenic sorority at UCI and must have participated in formal recruitment as a chapter member (Exceptions can be made regarding participation in formal recruitment. See below). They MUST be present at ALL training sessions, unless there is an emergency. Each sorority may have as many women apply that are interested. The applications timeline is as follows:


  • Monday, February 11th: Applications available on the UCI Panhellenic website (www.ucipanhellenic.com)

  • Monday, March 11th 5:00pm: Applications due in Greek Life Office. Interview sign-ups will be emailed after due date.

  • Thursday, February 21st 6:00pm-7:20pm: Informational Session (LOCATION TBD- time/date may change- look for updates on ucipanhellenic instagram or text us)

  • Thursday, February 26th 6:00pm-7:20pm: Informational Session (LOCATION TBD- time/date may change- look for updates on ucipanhellenic instagram or text us)


  • Weeks 2 and 3: Mandatory Interviews, Location TBA

  • Monday, April 25th, 12 noon: Recruitment Counselor List posted outside Greek Office  

  • Spring Trainings: SUNDAY’S - April 27th, May 4th, from 11am-12:30pm

  • Sunday, September 22nd: Recruitment Counselor Training from 9am-3pm (MANDATORY!!)

  • September 23rd – September 27th: Welcome Week

    • Must sign up for 2 boothing and 2 flier shifts; Sign-ups will be sent out during summer

  • Fall Quarter Week 0/Week 1: Panhellenic Formal Recruitment


Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. For additional information, please contact Moon Azad at (323) 337-6388, azadm@uci.edu or Talia Hattub at (404) 702-7339, toknin@uci.edu.



Moon Azad                                                                                                 Talia Hattub

Director of Recruitment Counselors                                 Vice President Recruitment




Current Year in School:     Fr.       So.       Jr.       Sr.           


Cumulative G.P.A._________


Email Address_______________________


Phone Number_______________________

Chapter Affiliation____________________


I have participated in formal recruitment as a potential member:  YES_____   NO_____


If you answered “NO” for the statement above, when did you rush for your sorority?


WINTER COB _____  

SPRING COB   _____


I have participated in formal recruitment as an active member:     YES_____  NO_____


Please check off which formal recruitments you have participated in as an active member:


Fall 2018  _______

Fall 2017  _______

Fall 2016  _______


Have you been an RC before?  YES_______     NO_____   _


*Note: Recruitment counselors will be chosen based off of experience in formal recruitment. Those who have participated in formal recruitment have first priority. Those who have NOT participated in formal recruitment will have second priority. The selection process also highly depends on the mandatory interviews and other qualifications.




In order to be a Recruitment Counselor, you must meet the following qualifications:


  1. Have participated as an active collegiate member of your chapter in formal recruitment at UCI. Exceptions will be made based on applicant’s additional qualifications.

  2. Have at least a 2.5 cumulative G.P.A.

  3. Be a full-time UCI student at least through the end of Fall quarter 2018.

  4. Be an active member of your chapter in Fall 2018 (alumna members may not serve as Recruitment Counselors per NPC rules).

  5. Have a genuine interest in being an exemplary example of the UCI Greek Community.

  6. Be willing and able to disaffiliate from your sorority and from all formal recruitment preparations before and during the process.

  7. Possess the ability to be a good friend, listener, and peer counselor.

  8. Be present at all of the events listed on the previous page.


Please attach the following documents to this application and turn it in by the March 11th deadline. Your letters of recommendation MUST be turned in together with the rest of the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


  1. A list of all your sorority/Panhellenic offices, chairs, committee participation, etc.

  2. Character recommendations from all of the following:

    1. Chapter Advisor (please indicate if applicant is in good standing with chapter)

    2. Member of applicant’s chapter

    3. Member of another UC Irvine Panhellenic Sorority

  • In your character recommendation, please have your references follow the enclosed format.


Character Recommendation from a member of your chapter & a member of a different Panhellenic chapter.

Format: May be in paragraph form as long as all questions below are answered. Can also answer questions in number format. Let me know if you have questions!

  1. What was your first impression of the applicant?


  2. What qualities does this individual possess that would make this person a good recruitment counselor? What are her strengths?


  1. What are this individual’s weaknesses?


  1. List three words that describe the applicant.


  1. Additional comments:



Character Recommendation from your chapter advisor

  1. Is this applicant in good standing?


  2. What qualities does this individual possess that would make this person a good recruitment counselor? What are her strengths?


  1. Additional comments:




Please TYPE your answers to the following questions below or on another sheet of paper:


NOTE: There is no length requirement. Write as much as you feel is necessary. Have fun with it :)


  1. What qualities do you possess that will enable you to be an effective Recruitment Counselor?




  1. How do you feel about disaffiliation from your chapter? How will this benefit the UCI Greek Community?




  1. Give an example of a positive and negative situation you encountered during recruitment (either as an active or potential member) that had an impression on you and explain how you handled them.




  1. If applicable, please list any counseling experience that you may have.


  1. What do you hope to accomplish as a recruitment counselor?


This year we’re focusing on having a recruitment based on women empowerment and we want to know some ideas you may have to promote this.


  1. What is a quality you have that you think promotes women empowerment?



  1. What are some ideas you have that can reinforce the idea of women empowerment throughout recruitment to your RC group?



  1. What is one experience you had where you’ve felt empowered by a sister and how do you plan on conveying that energy towards recruitment for your RC group to see?



  1. Optional: If you have anything you would like to explain in regard to your application, please leave me a note here :) 



I hereby attest that all of the above information is true. I also authorize the Office of the Dean of Students to verify my academic standing.


Signature: ____________________________________________


RC Application download