Meet the 2021 Executive Board

Laney Tinder


Major: Psychological sciences

Year: Third

Other Involvements: Research Assistant 

Fun Fact: I have a 12 year old chicken hehe

Allison Eiler

Executive Vice President

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Third

Other Involvements: Fusion 

Fun Fact: My goal is to go to all the baseball stadiums in the US.

Cara Fridman

VP of Programming

Major: Biology

Year: Second

Other Involvements: My Chapter

Fun Fact: I rescued both of my animals

Samantha McMorrow

VP of Risk Management

Major: Public Health Policy

Year: Second

Other Involvements: UCDC internship program, American Red Cross Club

Fun Fact: I once had a pet goldfish named james pond!

Catherine Nguyen

VP of Scholarship

Major: Business Administration & Sociology

Year: Second

Other Involvements: UBA, MUSA, Lambda Phi Nu, Peace Corps Campus Ambassador

Fun Fact: I have never eaten raw fish before!

Emily Gao

VP of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Major: Public Health Science

Year: Third

Other Involvements: UCI Circle K, Anteater Pledge Ambassador, Certified Learning Assistants Program

Fun Fact: I can whistle almost any song!

Darian Haseyama

VP of Recruitment

Major: Civil Engineering

Minor: Art History

Year: Third

Other Involvements: Intern at Flatiron, SWE (society of women engineers) 

Fun Fact: I’ve had pet rodents consistently ages 5-21

Julia Rios

VP of Finance

Major: Business Economics

Minor: Management

Year: Third

Other Involvements: ASUCI Financial Wellness Commission

Fun Fact: I am a founding member at CycleBar in UTC, come spin with me!

Samantha Dominguez

VP of Communications

Majors: Business Administration & Sociology

Minor: Creative Writing

Year: Third

Other Involvements: HRMA, SIOP, XAE,

Fun Fact: I have dyed my hair every color of the rainbow and more!

Brittany Balak

Recruitment Counselor Coordinator

Major: Social Ecology

Year: Second

Other Involvements: Previous Recruitment Counselor

Fun Fact: I have been at Disneyland for 19 hours straight.

Andrea Silva

Assistant Recruitment

Majors: Public Health Science & Anthropology

Year: Third

Other Involvements: Anteater Emergency Medical Services, IMED at UCI, Student worker at UCI research lab

Fun Fact: I am double jointed!

Kayla Coscino

Assistant Communications

Major: Business Administration

Minor: Global sustainability

Year: Second

Other Involvements: President of The surf club at UCI

Fun Fact: I lived in Kauai for 2 years when I was younger! That’s where I learned to surf and now I surf everyday!

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